Outdoor Campground

Our indoor facilities are chock-full of spacious play areas where your dog can play, stay and learn! Don't forget to visit upstairs too.

Private Campground Rental Space

This private play area is perfect for a private party, play dates or training sessions. The area comes with fresh water, play structures, and a shade structure. Contact the front desk if you are interested in renting this play area.

Agility Training Area

This area was created for our agility training classes. During day camp hours, this yard becomes a fun playground filled with many obstacles to jump over, pools to wade in, and plenty of shade and fresh water.

Camp K-9 Main Building. click here to find out more about our indoor facilities

Small Dog Play Area

Our tiny campers love socializing with dogs their size. This play area is shady, filled with toys, and overseen by counselors cuddling small dogs.

Puppy Playground

Our puppy play area is safe, secure, and perfect for puppys. Carefully supervised, this yard is full of fun and exciting things for a puppy to discover.

Small Dog Play Area 2. click here for a live picture

Our pint sized campers love this play yard built just for them. Miniature wading pools and tiny toys are the perfect accessories for the small dogs.

General Play Area

Dogs new to camp are slowly introduced to their playmates in our greeting area. This gives each dog time to acclimate and be comfortable in their new environment.

Active Dog Play Area 1.

Pools, toys, climbing structures and obstacles make this outdoor play area spectacularly fun! Campers loved to race around, splash in pools, and play with their friends all under the close supervision of a highly trained counselor.

Active Dog Play Area 2. click here for a live picture

Our largest play yard is perfect for a rigorous game of fetch. Our more active campers love to chases toys and each other all around, taking breaks to splash in the pool or grab a quick nap under a shade structure.