About Camp K-9 of Marin

Nicole Brennan

Camp Greeter

In a 2007, native Minnesotan Nicole decided to take an adventure. In her 17 year old Nissan Altima, she drove across the West to join her sister stationed in the Navy in beautiful Monterey, CA.  Nicole instantly fell in love with California and soon called it home. Hard to believe that was over 10 years ago! Nicole brings to Camp a strong client service background within the hospitality industry. Woo Hoo! When she isn't at Camp, she enjoys gardening, hiking, and board/card/video games with her husband Ross and their friends. Ask Nicole about her newest passion: wine & painting!

Yasemin Binay

Camp Greeter/Counselor

Certified Pet CPR & First Aid

Yasemin is a native San Franciscan Turk who moved to Marin when she was 11 years old; impatiently spent a few years in SF, a winter season in Truckee and went to SB to become an EMT. Although, for some reason, she just couldn’t keep away from the Bay Area, and has been here since 2014. She has ridden horses her whole life and besides walking on her own two feet, feels the most comfortable riding a horse. At the moment, she shares everything in her life, from snacks to people, with her loveable goofy pit bull Mila. On Yasemin’s days off you can find the two of them either napping together, knitting, snacking or watch Yasemin chase after Mila as she beelines for any body of water. 

Sarah Tracy

Camp Greeter

Sarah was born in Western New York, but also lived in Florida before moving to Marin County. Of all the places she's lived, Sarah likes Marin County, California the best. She has always had animals in her life, be it cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, or horses. She is planning on adopting some more in the future. In her free time, Sarah is working towards achieving a BA in English Literature and is an avid lover of all things Fantasy and Sci-Fi.


Camp Trainers

Allyson Stoops

Camp Trainer

Ally is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and her training philosophy is simple but effective -- improve relationships between people and their dog based on trust and cooperation. Ally has been the Camp Trainer at Camp K-9 of Marin for nine years. She is also the owner of No Bones About It! Ally has a unique understanding of the demands that busy families and professionals face and builds customized plans that deliver real life results. As a former instructor and behavior counselor for the Humane Society, Ally is passionate about teaching her clients the most effective dog training techniques. The result is a fun, well-mannered dog that is a great companion in all aspects of your life. Ally "rests her dogs" locally in Milly Valley and loves spending her time actively training (and being trained by) three children, two dogs, two cats, and one very patient husband. 

Ally offers a variety of training classes at Camp K-9 of Marin. 


Camp Counselors

Christina Martin

Lead Counselor

Born in Marin County, Christina has split her life between California and Washington, always being drawn back to Marin one way or another. There has never been a time where there wasn't an animal - be it dogs, cats, bunnies, even geckos - in her house. Currently located in Nicasio, she enjoys taking her roommates Blue Heeler out on walks through Marin open space. She's on the lookout for a puppy to add to her family of two cats. Fingers crossed, it'll be soon!

Mela Santa-Cruz

Camp Counselor

Mela was born and raised in Marin County with all of her family and always with a loving pet (or 2) by her side.  She is a full time hairstylist who just couldn’t shake the need to be surrounded by more furry friends after having to say goodbye to her family’s 17 year old black lab last October. She is the proud parent of a 7 year old cat, Oli. And although it is not possible at the moment she is looking forward to a future surrounded by fur babies and many other precious little creatures!

Megan Graves

Lead Counselor & Pre-Camping Interview Coordinator

Certified Pet CPR and First Aid

Megan was born in the Bay Area and grew up in the mountains of Oregon.  She has spent about half of her life in each state, making her a true Calif-Oregonian.  Growing up, Megan always had animals around, but she had a special spot in her heart for all dogs.  She now has two big ol' coonhounds named Penny and Gus who are littermates.  Megan has done a little bit of everything- being a nanny, wildland firefighting, working as an EMT, managing a cafe, and instructing kayak and backpacking courses. Now residing in Marin, when not at camp, you can find her hiking the local trails with her pups, paddling on the bay, or working in her garden.

Brittany Tuck

Lead Counselor

Brittany was born and raised in Sonoma County, then lived in San Francisco for over 10 years and now calls Marin County her home. She studied Child Development as CCSF and has worked with ‘at risk’ kids.  She loves taking long drives and exploring the beauty of Marin.  Brittany has worked with dogs for 8 years and has her own four legged Chihuahua friend name Cheech. 

Audrey Marasigan

Lead Counselor

Veterinary Assistant Certified, Pet First Aid and CPR, Obedience Training Certificate

I was born and raised in the East Bay. I graduated from Cal State Hayward (East Bay) with a Mass Communication degree. Trying to find myself across the country, I finally found my happiness in working with dogs of all kinds, shapes, and sizes!  I am now residing in San Rafael. In addition to working here at Camp K-9 of Marin, I volunteer at Guide Dogs for the Blind and The Marin Humane Society.     I’m surrounded by dogs all day every day; you can never have too much dog!

Sean Moncayo

Lead Counselor

Sean was born and raised in Boise, Idaho.  He was always around animals, but never owned a dog of his own.  After moving to California, he decided he truly wanted a canine companion; however, most apartments don’t allow Pitbulls.  It wasn’t until he moved in with his best friend and found a suitable place to live that he was able to adopt a crazy, but sweet Pitbull mix named Luna.

Jonah Mendoza

Camp Counselor

Jonah lived in Rocklin, California with his mother and little brother for the first 12 years of his life. It was there that his family got their first dog, a miniature long-haired dachshund, and Jonah couldn't get enough of his new friend and family member. Shortly after, his family moved around to a few places in the bay until they settled in Marin, where Jonah and his pup have called it home ever since.

Tomas Basch

Camp Counselor

Certified Pet CPR & First Aid

Tomas was born and raised in the Bay Area.  He discovered that he wanted to work with animals when he moved to Utah and began working in a stable. In 2015 he began working with dogs and found it to be fun and rewarding.  Tomas moved back to the Bay area in late 2016 because nothing beats being home.

Yolanda De Los Reyes

Overnight Supervisor

Yolanda moved from Texas at the age of 3 and as far as she can remember, she has always had a dog in her life!  She currently has 5 dogs of her own:  Zoey, (a terrier princess), Ravi, (a clown of a Doxie mix),  Dot (a hopping Basset/Doxi mix), and last but not least, Lola (a Pitbull that looks more like a little pink pig)!  It is obvious that Yolanda has a passion for dogs and she treats every camper like one of her own!


Diamond Roth

Overnight Supervisor

Diamond was born and raised in the Bay Area. She is currently attending Santa Rosa Junior College studying kinesiology and nutrition. Diamond has always had a passion for animals for as long as she can remember. From rabbits, rats, reptiles and birds to dogs and cats she has enjoyed having a diverse and multitude of pets. Currently she owns a kitten, a turtle, a pit bull and a bearded dragon. In the future she hopes to expand her four legged family. When she isn't at work she enjoys mountain biking, camping and traveling.

Brendan Kelly

Camp Caretaker

Brendan T. Kelly is a retired Army Veteran, former high school teacher, and corporate HR rep and trainer. He has been married going on twenty-six years, has four daughters age 14 (or 98 in doggy years), 18, 20 & 24 and his own four legged friend Mieka.  He is originally from San Jose, CA but now calls Marin County home. When he is not maintaining the K-9 Camp grounds, Brendan sells his fine art photography and listens/coaches others. He has a passion to assist those with mental health troubles and loves capturing a visual tale with his camera. Brendan’s top three remaining bucket list items are to explore and photograph Machu Picchu, travel and share jokes around Bhutan, and have a 1960 convertible Cadillac.